Dave Asay - Biography

David J. Asay


Dave is a life-long marketing, advertising and public relations professional having worked in the industry for more than 30 years. 

In 1987, Dave founded Asay Marketing Services a full-service Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations firm.  He worked on many accounts some which include Acapulco Restaurants, Big O Tires, Dreyer's Ice Cream, El Torito Restaurants, Hershey’s Ice Cream, Seattle’s Best Coffee and Starbucks. 

In 2002, Dave saw an opportunity to move the business in a new direction that would bring his marketing and promotional background into play in an arena not typically associated with those skill sets.  He formed FrontLine Public Involvement which caters specifically to the niche markets typically associated with heavy construction of all types.

Since that time, FrontLine, under Dave’s leadership has worked on literally dozens of UDOT projects including I-15 CORE, I-15 NOW, Hinckley Drive Extension, Riverdale Road Rebuild Phases 1,2, & 3, St. George Boulevard rebuild, Moab Main Street rebuild, , S.R. 30 (Valley View Highway), Orem 800 North, Ogden's 12th Street and Wall Avenue and I-15 Beck Street to name a few.The company has earned a reputation for its thorough understanding of the challenges facing each project, creative and innovative ways to work and communicate with the public and stakeholders and a total dedication to being the best in the industry.

Dave pioneered the “advocate” concept in public involvement and has sophisticated and improved the effectiveness of the Community Coordination Team concept.  He has build a strong team of true communications professionals who have each successfully managed public involvement projects ranging from small to large.

His experience includes time as an account executive at Salt Lake City Advertising agency, Barker & Jorgensen and while there worked on the McDonald’s Hamburgers, Eaton-Kenway Materials Handling, Association of Automated Storage Retrieval Manufacturers, Continental Bank, State Savings & Loan, Felt-Buchorn Gifts, KTVX Television and many others.

He also served 10 years as Senior Vice President – Marketing of JB’s Restaurants, Inc., a Utah-based chain of more than 125 restaurants located throughout the western United States and Hawaii.  JB’s was the largest franchisee of the Marriott Corporation.  Dave handled all marketing responsibilities, public relations and investor relations for the company.  Under Dave’s direction, JB’s achieved its highest sales and income levels in its history.  In addition to JB's Family Restaurants, he also directed marketing for the company's Old Salt City Jail, Apple Farms Restaurants in California and Apple Butter Farms.

Dave earned his B.S. degree from the University of Utah and a Certificate of Achievement from the University of Utah Graduate School of Business.  His greatest accomplishments are his three wonderful children and seven grandchildren!  An avid golfer, Dave says his R.O.I. is on a critical path to failure when it comes to scoring, but he loves every minute of the game!  He is also a large-scale model railroader.

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