Marty Asay - Biography

Martin D. Asay


Martin D. Asay has considerable experience working on a range of UDOT projects with a variety of delivery methods including Design-Build (Bangerter 78, 70 & 62nd South interchange revamps, CMGC on the Riverdale Road project along with a number of Bid-Builds). He has more than 15 years of experience in handling high-profile public information responsibilities with government (public) and private sector clients.  He credits his broad-based exposure to knowing and understanding  “both sides of the road.”  Prior to specializing in Public Involvement, Marty had considereable experience as a Marketing Consultant.  He credits this experience as a key ingredient in understanding how to work with, gain confidence and trust from the public and bring about satisfying results when performing public involvement projects. 

Marty has earned a reputation for his skill in working one-on-one to seek information, understand the scope of problems and use creative solutions to reach satisfaction at all project levels.  He holds a B.A. degree in Communications from the University of Utah with an emphasis on public relations and creative writing and has worked at all levels of writing as a copywriter at a mid-sized ad agency, a creative director at a large agency, an executive in charge of communications for a major medical equipment company and finally as a successful business co-owner for 10 years.

Marty has headed up many critical public involvement projects for UDOT and is responsible for implementing and refining many P.I. tools that are being used throughout the state by other public involvement practitioners.  Some of his notable projects include:

I-15 Lane Gain and Ramp Reconstruction from Beck Street to I-215 in Salt Lake and Davis Counties.  Lane Gain was the phrase Marty and his team came up with for the initial choke-point project that has now been adopted by UDOT as the designated name for all choke point projects throughout the state.

S.R. 30 – Valley View Highway Passing Lanes Project, Utah. Marty was the Public Information Manager on this $21.5 million project that involved widening and addition of passing lanes to six miles of highway connecting CacheCounty and BoxElderCounty.  Many industrial concerns were raised as employees travel this route on shifts that would make off-peak construction impossible. 

12th Street – I-15 to Washington Boulevard Pavement Rehabilitation, Ogden, Utah.  Marty worked as the Public Information Manger on this $18 Million project which involves the reconstruction of the busy 12th Street east-west corridor.  This project involves many stakeholders with business concerns along the corridor.  Marty has been instrumental in the development of a comprehensive website that includes information about this project along with information about several projects in the Ogden area.  The 400 North project could be a vital link in this web effort.

Marty resides Layton, Utah with his wife, Jenny and two active, energetic boys Jake and Ben.  Marty is an avid gardener.