Dez Ragan - Biography

Desiree Ragan

Dez has worked with the FrontLine Team for nine years and has been involved with public information on many construction projects.  She has 15+ years in project management and prior to joining FrontLine, she worked for AMEC, a well known construction management and engineering firm.

Currently, she is the Public Involvement Coordinator of the I-15: South Davis Improvements Design/Build Project.  She was the Deputy Project Manager on the complex Riverdale Road Rebuild: Phases 1-4, worked on the I-15 NOW Design/Build project, served as the Public Involvement Manager of the 21st Street Dowel Bar Retrofit Project, the I-84 Restore project , the 12th Street East Washington Blvd to Harrison project, and the Washington Blvd 36th – 22nd project, to name a few. 

Dez brings an extensive variety of project management expertise and uses her proactive management skills to elevate the image of the public involvement disciplines.  She continually provides public involvement leadership by managing effective interactions with the general public, local government officials including mayors, city councils, public works directors and city managers, EMS, UTA, UDOT, and construction teams.

Dez is dedicated to the concept that communication is a multi-facetted paradigm and employs a constant feedback atmosphere that ensures that the interests of our clients and stakeholders are being represented in a fair manner.  She has the ability to communicate with all people on their comfort level.  She combines high-tech tools with personal contact, individual assistance, team collaboration, utilizes multiple communication channels to deliver reliable project information to the public; listens to and quickly resolves concerns; and incorporates input so that she continuously customizes, tailors and improves communications efforts whenever needed.

During her career Dez has coordinated all phases of product management including initial design, engineering, patents, production, sourcing and communications both domestic and foreign.  She has composed the written criteria of Assembly and Sub Assembly Procedures, Quality Control Standard Manuals, and Product Owners Manuals.  She taught product assembly and QC standards to point crew members both domestic and international.  Her international duties took her to many countries where she had extensive business interactions and travel.  These include the UK, China, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, Sweden, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Nigeria.  If you happen to Google Desiree Ragan, you can check out one of the projects she took from initial concept to product manufacturing/sales that she holds a patent on with the US Patent Office. 

The wide variety of skill-sets Dez brings to every project makes her uniquely qualified in every way to support the required duties and the special requests that come from all aspects of Public Involvement and project management.  Commitment, leadership, interpersonal skills, superior work quality, tailored business tools and the distinct ability to connect with people on all levels have been vital to the success of the projects she has managed.