The FrontLine Approach

Our Mission:
To provide total communications solutions, rapid responses and comprehensive construction understanding to a wide range of stakeholders while building and preserving relationships.

Our Approach:
Our team recognizes the substantial differences from project-to-project and tailors the correct Public Involvement tools to uniquely customize each program circumstance.
FrontLine has worked on a variety of projects. From complex Design-build projects, to Construction Manager General Contractor (CMGC) projects, to Bid-Build, Environmental and On-Call Projects to Maintenance projects, FrontLine has delivered a high level of communication and built a reputation of excellence. 
FrontLine provides specialized communication public information services targeted to the transportation construction and maintenance industry.  Our team is comprised of highly motivated, skilled and experienced communication professionals, we can apply proven communication principles to a variety of publics impacted and affected by transportation/infrastructure and construction issues. Our experience-based approach is simple:
  • No surprises!
  • Building unquestionable trust
  • Providing accurate and timely information
  • Finding proactive solutions
  • Delivering on our word to stakeholders
  • Applying marketing experience to innovate new approaches
  • Remaining flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances.
  • Being true "Public Servants"

Our Goal:

To provide superior solutions and exceptional service to our customers, to provide a stable and satisfying livlihood to our associates, to always look for and implement better solutions!

Our Vision:

FrontLine Public Involvement will be the top public involvement provider in the western United States by 2015, as measured by successful projects, variety of projects, market share of work and by superior customer service quality.


  1. Excellent technical capability and performance
  2. Excellent public involvement activities support force
  3. Excellent innovation and performance enhancing approaches
  4. Excellent personnel, trained to serve the customer, obtain results and repeatedly retain and build the confidence of those we serve.


  1. Expense control
  2. Competent, sinpiring leadership
  3. Continuous improvement
  4. Commitment to technology
  5. Best employer to work for in the state