Past Projects

A History of Exceptional Outreach on Projects

FrontLine specializes in Construction Communication Management  and Public Involvement for UDOT projects. Each project has challenges and needs for creative planning that requires working hand-in-hand with UDOT, the contractor(s), and the affected and interested stakeholders.

FrontLine's experience includes some of the largest and most complex communications challenges ever at UDOT. Some of these include:


I-15 CORE, Utah County - The 25-mile I-15 widening project in Utah County entailed 65 bridges and numerous interchange reconstructions.  FrontLine was the Public Information Coordinator for Work Area 2 of I-15 CORE with Work Area 1 added later. These areas comprised the northern segment of the project from Lehi to Provo. Work Area 2 encompassed more than 375 businesses located adjacent to the project and a large residential population. The keys to FrontLine’s success are:

“In my forty years in the transportation business this was the smoothest construction project and transition into operational use that I have ever witnessed.  While there were many issues and problems it was a real credit to the FrontLine team's approach to making sure every situation was addressed immediately and thoroughly.  The impact to my operation was mitigated through forward communication by Dave Asay and the FrontLine team.

~Mark Brown, Senior Operations Manager for FedEx In a letter to Govenor Gary Herbert re: I-15 CORE




I-15 NOW, Weber County – FrontLine led the PI/Communication efforts on UDOT’s I-15 NOW project. Completed in 2008, this $265M project reconstructed 10 miles of mainline and 30 bridges through five cities.
FrontLine developed special programs to successfully handle the myriad of stakeholder needs. These included:

  • Addressing hotel/motel concerns.  

  • More than 60 presentations to businesses, governments, and civic groups. 

  • Five major events including a groundbreaking and a Grand Finale Parade along the project route in fire trucks representing the five communities. 

  • Project specific communication tools including 176 project updates, daily web updates, newsletters, project betterment coordination, and construction progress reports with five local governments.

  • A project hotline and highway advisory radio reports

  • Reporting to the Citizens Review Board earning 82.24% of a $600,000 P.I. incentive for the contractor.

The firm was recognized as a significant role in Weber County Constructors  receiving the Marvin M. Black Partnering award and the 2008 UDOT Urban Project of the Year in addition to seven other awards.




Riverdale Road Phases 1-4 in Weber County 
- At the time of construction Riverdale Road was the heaviest used four-lane highway in the state and the construction impacted tens of thousands ofstakeholders daily including more than 350 businesses.
FrontLine was selected by UDOT to leadthe Public Involvement efforts on this complex project. It required significant use of virtually all traditional communication tools in addition to some innovative tools including:

  • An area-wide “Hotspots” website to differentiate theproject from 5 other simultaneous construction projects in the area.

  • A CCT known as the Business District Advisory Committee consisting of key stakeholders throughout the corridor evaluated and administered

  • a contractor incentive performance program.

  • A Halloween “Trunk or Treat” program reduced traffic in designated areas and promoted local business patronage.

  • A contractor-paid newspaper plus a radio, Facebook and email campaign during winter suspension and to announce project completion, a grand finale parade.

 FrontLine coordinated numerous sales events with local merchants as well as manned a project booth for local community events.


Additional Projects

FrontLine has served as the Construction Communications Manager and/or Public Information Coordinators on the following notable projects.