Services offered by FrontLine

Public Involvement

FrontLine is a specialized communications firm providing public information services targeted to the transportation design, planning and construction industry. We serve as the liaison between the Departments of Transportation, local governments, contractors, stakeholders and the public. We specialize in working environmental, design and construction projects required by Departments of Transportation, Construction Companies, Engineering Firms and local county and city governments.

FrontLine’s Public Involvement efforts on projects are recognized as adding significant benefits to State Owners (DOT’s) and key stakeholders by informing the public of what to expect, when to expect it and how to deal with each challenge encountered. FrontLine Public Involvement has consistently refined innovative tools to facilitate the three-way flow of communication between the DOT, the contractor and the community to create a positive public perception of each project.

A day in the life of FrontLine:

  • Create and manage website and email updates, surveys, and 24/7 hotlines
  • Write and execute successful P.I. plans on an individual project basis
  • Conduct person-to-person, door-to-door contact; coordinate with stakeholders to communicate and accurately explain project information
  • Develop comprehensive databases and inform stakeholders of responses
  • Facilitate public open houses, community groups and technical committees
  • Generate news releases, media relations, creative writing, and graphic design
  • Offer digital videography/photography support
  • Implement and effectively utilize social media tools
  • Filter potential issues and conflicts with stakeholders; conduct conflict resolution and mediation
  • Research Right of Way acquisitions and work with stakeholders so they understand their rights and the ROW acquisition process
  • Coordinate with emergency services, utilities and community services
  • Compile comprehensive project reports



The verb facilitate means to make something easier, or at least less difficult. A facilitator is a person who makes a group's efforts easier by designing and implementing methods for the group to accomplish its work. A facilitator manages a meeting's process, so that objective content can be maximized. Facilitation can be utilized within an internal organization, at public participating events, or to bring together people with varied backgrounds and diverse expectations to accomplish defined objectives. From formal to casual settings, we can help work towards conflict resolution.

Our facilitation process starts early. We get together with the meeting sponsor to define the purpose of the meeting and establish the sponsor's desired objectives. We design agendas with these goals in mind. We work with the sponsor to coordinate a suitable location and clear scheduling. We also coordinate notifications for all parties that will be invited to meet.  We are skilled at creating a safe and fair environment where all participants can share opinions and input while respecting all members and keeping to their agreed upon ground rules. We provide documentation of meeting summarization and can also provide follow up support for the group's success. We believe having a qualified facilitator in the public involvement sector is critical when dealing with many varied publics. Often stakeholders hold to their own views, and it is only when the proper key people are brought together with facilitation, that issues are resolved in a timely and cordial atmosphere.



According to UDOT, "Partnering is a formal management process in which all parties to a project voluntarily agree at the outset to adopt a cooperative, team-based approach to project development and problem resolution - or at least reduce - conflicts, litigation and claims." 

Frontline often uses the quote by Andrew Carnegie, "Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives.  It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results."

We will listen to and plan with the project managers to ascertain what the project goals and objectives are as well as identify what unique challenges the project may face.  We can customize partnering to meet UDOT requirements and listen to the wants of the project team in regards to their partnering goals.

We can accommodate all partnering requirements for a variety of projects both large and small. Our partnering meetings can take a full-day or half-day depending on the size of the group and objectives for the session. We could also conduct a partnering session during a pre-construction meeting. At any time during our partnering sessions, we can facilitate issues or potential problems that surface. 

We believe that partnering is not a one-time event or meeting, but something very important to the success of the project and needs to be ongoing with measuring success tools in place.

Learn more about Partnering with FrontLine here.