Partnering Facilitation

FrontLine Can Take You from Partners to Partnering
Facilitation Tailored to Deliver Results.

Partnering begins long before any construction occurs. During the pre-construction phase, FrontLine meets with key team members toassess needs, risks, concerns and issues relevant specifically to the project.

By having leadership clearly identify issues critical to projectsuccess as the focus, the partnering session becomes goal driven as opposed to goal setting. As facilitating partnerings, FrontLine can then assist in crafting realistic, clearly defined and achievable goals.

FrontLine has developed strategies that prevent "one time" discussions of Partnering with little or no follow through or reporting back. The project team needs to see feedback in order ot make changes if necessary. FrontLine's partnering facilitators are skilled in providing a focus on reinforcing project goals and ensuring they are achieved.

Much emphasis on Partnering is often misplaced solely on team building. While team building is important, Partnering is not so much that as it is relationships and interactions based on trust and mutual understanding that achieves results. Once Partnering achieves an environment for mutual trust and understanding, and willingness to try, team building is naturally accomplished.

In a perfect world, partnering should become a way of life. Integrity, trust, communication, clear goals and objectives, honest communication and a willingness to listen and be teachable are all skills that are emphasized in FrontLine’s Partnering approach. Attendees will come away with a clearer vision of what is critical to the project from the additional views of others, how to approach matters more openly and an awareness of how daily partnering values work in the world of work!


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