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A UDOT Project
Road Conditions

U.S.89 Kanab to Kanab Creek Overview

There is no construction on US-89 North of Kanab between mileposts 65 and 68. The new road is open.

Construction of the new road has created a new alignment of US-89 through the area and made a wider and safer roadway.

The 3-mile long project includes:

* Pavement resurfacing

* Wider Shoulders

* Various roadway alignment shifts throughout the project

* New acceleration lane at the Port of Entry

The final phase of paving is complete. Final inspection of the project is finished.

This Week's Construction Activity


There are no traffic restrictions and all major construction is complete.

Speeds have been returned to normal and traffic is flowing in a traditional traffic pattern.

All asphalt paving on the project is finished. The entire road through the project received two new lifts of asphalt. The new road has been designed to provide a safe driving service, control water run-off and for ease of maintenance.

Environmental check dams and fiber rolls have been installed to plan specifications for protection of waterways and slopes.

All guardrail, crash cushions and signage has been installed.

The project has been successfully completed in less time than the contract allowed. We appreciate everyone's patience over the past five months while work was on-going. Enjoy the new road and it's addition to a beautiful part of our Utah landscape.



All questions regarding the construction schedule and travel access should be directed to Lisa Beck or Dave Asay from FrontLine Public Involvement.


They will coordinate with citizens and businesses in providing accurate construction impact information.  


Contact Information:  Lisa Beck - 801.663.1711 and Dave Asay - 801.712.3030. 


All media inquiries should be directed to UDOT Region 4 Communications Manager Kevin Kitchen at kevin@utah.gov or the department's media hotline at 801-746-9932.

General Information

All traffic control has been removed. Speeds have been returned to normal with both North and Southbound lanes open.


All contractors and subcontractors working on the project are required to wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when operating in the construction zone.







A UDOT Project