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Current Projects

Featured are Three Major Projects.

FrontLine is currently working on many projects for various clients, such as the three listed below.

SR-18 or Bluff Street in St George, Utah is a highly traveled roadway tasked with carrying an increasing load as the population in the area continues to grow. The roadway carries over 44,000 cars per day and this number is expected to grow to 65,000 by 2040. To address this need, UDOT completed an environmental study in March of 2015 to evaluate various transportation options. Through careful analysis and close coordination with the local communities, a solution was identified which met transportation needs while minimizing impacts. Efforts are now underway to prepare the engineering design, assess the property impacts, and continue to work with local communities to determine how best to construct the project in a safe and timely manner. Construction is scheduled to begin in Winter 2018 and is currently slated to take about a year to complete.

SR-108, also known as 2000 West, is a very busy north-south highway in Davis County, carrying as many as 18,000 vehicles per day. With the expected growth in population, homes, and jobs, this number is expected to double by 2040. The proposed solution was to widen the roadway to 2 lanes in each direction with a center turn lane. In compliance with federal law, an alignment was selected that avoided impacts as much as possible to historic properties. When the environmental study was completed in 2008, UDOT did not have the funding to build the entire scope of the 9 mile project. In April of 2015, UDOT secured funding for a 2 mile segment of the project from Syracuse Road to 300 North in West Point.

Growing traffic demand has caused the US-89 corridor between Farmington and I-84 to become increasingly congested. By 2040, traffic volume will increase by 35%, from 37,700 to 50,800 vehicles per day. This will exceed the current capacity of US-89. UDOT is currently in the process of performing a State Environmental Study on the corridor to determine its preferred alternative.

In addition to the featured projects above, FrontLine is currently working on over a dozen other projects. FrontLine’s qualified team members handle up to 20 significant projects in any given year.