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Restaurant & Food Service Specialists

For more than 30 years, FrontLine has provided specialized marketing services to the restaurant and hospitality industry.  Services include menu analysis, cost and profit scenarios, menu design, strategy marketing direction, advertising and marketing campaign development and execution, and co-op management between clients and vendors. 

We have completed several branding and rebranding programs and work closely with a restaurant interior design group to bring full capability to our clients.

Our marketing services have been utilized by several organizations in both commercial food service and institutional settings including:


Apple Farm


El Torito’s

CJ Diggins

Dreyer’s and Edy’s Ice Cream

El Paso Cantina

Hershey’s Ice Cream

Holiday Inn

 JB’s Restaurants, Inc.

 Lyon’s Restaurants

 Pink Taco

 Romano’s Macaroni Grill              

 Salt City Jail

 Seattle’s Best Coffee

Our Approach is Straight Forward…

We view your business from the eyes of the customer, from the eyes of the owner, and from the eyes of your employees.

Ultimate Objectives Include:

Improved menu efficiency

A key to any restaurant success is to realize and identify if menu is customer friendly, staff friendly, and designed to sell the products your customers want and the products you want them to buy.  We have developed a unique tool to help determine cost/benefit ratios of menu items as well as popularity and profitability.

A Single Target Objective, “Improve Profitability”

One of the fundamentals of our success is to provide our clients solutions and programs that exceeds their expectations.  Identifying what the customer’s needs and segmenting the decisions based not only on client wants, but client long-term and lasting success.  It is our focus to make your restaurant or food service operation perform on both the top line and the bottom line.